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Heraldry Society


Programme 2017/18

Michaelmas Term 2017

Friday 22nd September
Site visits: St Mary’s Thame
and Rycote Chapel ***
  • Meet at St Mary’s Church Thame at 11.00am

  • lunch to be arranged

  • Rycote Chapel in the afternoon

Thursday 19th October 5.30-6.45 p.m.  

John Whitehead

  Arms of the Heir Apparent 2
Lecture Room 2, Christ Church    

Thursday 16th November 5.30-6.45 p.m.

Duncan Sutherland

Jamaican Heraldry
Lecture Room 2, Christ Church    

Hilary Term 2018

Thursday 9th February 5.30-6.45 p.m.  

Dr John Gledhil

  Around the World in 80 Sheets: A trip around every country
that has existed since 1840 as depicted in their stamps
Lecture Room 2, Christ Church    

Thursday 22nd February 5.30-6.45 p.m.

Richard van der Beek

Orders and Decorations of The Netherlands
Lecture Room 2, Christ Church    

Thursday 8th March 5.30-6.45 p.m.

John Whitehead

Heraldry of the Hungarian Royals
Lecture Room 2, Christ Church    

Trinity Term 2018

Saturday 16 June 2018 *** Summer Outing: Harefield and Ruislip Churches, Middlesex

Thursday 20 September 2018 *** Visit to Paul Getty's Wormsley Library

+++ To be confirmed  *** Booking essential - contact the Secretary 

Lecture Room 2 is in Tom Quad to the left of the cathedral entrance

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